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#SGNFMP The music business social networking event :)

Last month I was travelling down to London hoping to find a few new music contacts on a networking event hosted by myeventbucket.com so called #SGNFMP. I actually don’t even know for what the letters “SGNFMP” stand for 🙂 but I will soon find out :). So I got the flight tickets, got in touchContinue Reading

Finding Independent Musicians for Collaborative Work

Finding and working with someone else who is interested and trained in the same musical style as you can be difficult. You may have to go through a lot of collaborators before you find one that is suitable to your tastes, is reliable and fun to work with. Technical ability, dedication and proximity, are allContinue Reading

Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro

Hi everyone! I am L.Kei, a friend of Jeremy, and I got asked to post a few songs I like on his page as a guest poster to build up a massive and nice collection of good tracks which are always working on nights out. The first song I want to share with the worldContinue Reading

Rihanna – Stay (Branchez Bootleg Remix) : Melodic Trap Remix

I just discovered “Mr.” Branchez’s Mix of “Stay” by Rihanna and Alesia. This is simply a nice piece of chilled and nice sampled music! He took that song into a whole new level, I simply can just say that I love it the way it is, he just got it right. The layers of theContinue Reading