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I helped the Parookaville Festival Pyro Show Come Alive with my Original Music!

This year I had the privilege of writing a song for one of the biggest festivals in Germany, the Parookaville 2015 EDM dance music festival. I still can’t believe how awesome this job was, and I’ve never been more proud of any music arrangement I’ve developed. I was asked to write the official song forContinue Reading

Krewella & Pegboard Nerds – This Is Not The End (free download)

Krewella met the Pegboard Nerds from Scandinavia to produce their new single called “This Is Not The End”, which is available for free to promote their debut album “Get Wet”. The release date for that album is going to be september the 24th 2013, so pretty soon to be precise. This track is made ofContinue Reading

Bust In Wide Open (Crizzly Retwerk Remix) – Lil Wil (Free Download)

Crizzly released a massive bass fueled remix of his own song “Bust It Wide Open”. He takes the catchy vocals and adds some bass heavy layers and other aggressive synths to it. This will definitely make your neighbours hate you, in case you have got a massive sound system. This is all what I canContinue Reading

A new Chillstep Mixtape made by my friend L.Kei

My friend L.Kei just recently finished his mixtape “Journey To Heaven” and asked me about my opinion. So I have decided to post my opinion on my blog, so everyone can have a listen and enjoy the mix as much as I did. This is a mix for people who like electronical music, but stillContinue Reading

Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro

Hi everyone! I am L.Kei, a friend of Jeremy, and I got asked to post a few songs I like on his page as a guest poster to build up a massive and nice collection of good tracks which are always working on nights out. The first song I want to share with the worldContinue Reading

Pegboard Nerds & Tristam – Razor Sharp

The bass loaded duo from Scandinavia are calling themselves Pegboard Nerds and are back with another song, this time they worked together with Tristam. I would consider the song being a moombahton banger which sounds extremely original and well put together. “Razor Sharp” has massive build ups which are leading to big bass hook lines.Continue Reading

Baauer – Harlem Shake (Cazzette’s Ultra Bootleg)

I started to be really sick of the “Harlem-Shake”, I got bored of it, it was totally overplayed on the radio. But yesterday I listened to the dubstep remix from the swedish duo “Cassette”. That bootleg changes the game totally, their style is giving the song a whole new “feel” and vibe, you should haveContinue Reading

Krewella – Come & Get It (Remix EP) Trap / Drumstep / Moombahton Remixes feat. Savoy, Razihel, Rogue …

Krewella has released another Remix EP full of interesting and banging remixes of their single “Come & Get It”. They featured Savoy, Razihel, Kairo Kingdom, The Chaotic Good, DMNDZ and Rogue. You can listen to Remixes from Trap to Dubstep, and from Moombahton to Glitch-Hop. Which one is your favourite?Continue Reading

Grizmatik – My People (Preview)

I am sorry to only post the preview… but I have to say that nothing else is available just now. GRIZ and Gramatik teamed up as “Grizmatik” to make unbelievable things happen. Today it is the preview of their new single “My People” and I cannot wait for the release. In this track they useContinue Reading

The M Machine – Metropolis Pt 2 (Full EP) (OWSLA) Must hear!

The trio “The M Machine” has released this EP made out of 2 parts. The first part was released a year earlier, and the second part is a very impressive sequel of the first one, they seem to fit seemingly togehter. But I still find the second part more interesting, hard going, weird and inspiring!Continue Reading