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Garth Brooks Irish Concerts Sell Out within Two Hours

Garth Brooks confessed “Ireland is his favourite place to sing.” His last performance in the country was in 1997, but it still has a special place in his heart. He is flattered and humbled when told that his Irish concerts have sold out two hours after they were available to the public. It is myContinue Reading

Kevin Drew feat. Taryn Manning – Summer Ashes (VIP)

Hi people! I’m back here to post the new track from my favourite dubstep producer Kevin Drew, aka KDrew. And it’s a true banger! He’s from New Jersey and started his music career doing pop and r&b songs. He then began producing dubstep songs and gained popularity last year after his remix of “Somebody ThatContinue Reading

Krewella & Pegboard Nerds – This Is Not The End (free download)

Krewella met the Pegboard Nerds from Scandinavia to produce their new single called “This Is Not The End”, which is available for free to promote their debut album “Get Wet”. The release date for that album is going to be september the 24th 2013, so pretty soon to be precise. This track is made ofContinue Reading

Bust In Wide Open (Crizzly Retwerk Remix) – Lil Wil (Free Download)

Crizzly released a massive bass fueled remix of his own song “Bust It Wide Open”. He takes the catchy vocals and adds some bass heavy layers and other aggressive synths to it. This will definitely make your neighbours hate you, in case you have got a massive sound system. This is all what I canContinue Reading

A new Chillstep Mixtape made by my friend L.Kei

My friend L.Kei just recently finished his mixtape “Journey To Heaven” and asked me about my opinion. So I have decided to post my opinion on my blog, so everyone can have a listen and enjoy the mix as much as I did. This is a mix for people who like electronical music, but stillContinue Reading

Two Thirds – Universal

Hi, this is L.Kei! Are you ready to hear another beautiful chilled song? I am just listening to a very good example which I enjoy and I wanted to share that song with you and this time it is a drum & bass one, fast and relaxing. “Universal” is the last track of the britishContinue Reading

DVBBS & Borgeous – Tsunami (Big Room House Anthem) Release on monday (19.08.13)

The big room house anthem “Tsunami” has been supported by many big Dj’s such as Tiesto, Hardwell, Dmitri & Vegas, Like Mike and many others, and it finally came out, that the song was produced by DVBBS & Borgeous. This song was played frequently at “Tomorrowland” and it kind of became the unofficial anthem ofContinue Reading

Madeon – Technicolor

The 19 year old French producer Madeon releases his amazing new single “Technicolor”. Time was passing since his last release, but after all that long period of waiting he finally came out with this wonderful piece of music :). He still manages to keep his signature which is a blend of groove filled disco vibesContinue Reading

MitiS feat. Anna Yvette – Open Window

Hi people! I’m here to share with you the last work of the american dubstep and drum&bass producer MitiS. He is certainly one of my favourite artists of the “undergrund” scene, and I greatly recommend to check out his other songs on his SoundCloud profile (especially “Born” and “Parting”). The last track is named “OpenContinue Reading

Sound Remedy – Chiaroscuro

Hi everyone! I am L.Kei, a friend of Jeremy, and I got asked to post a few songs I like on his page as a guest poster to build up a massive and nice collection of good tracks which are always working on nights out. The first song I want to share with the worldContinue Reading