This year’s Parookaville Festival was awesome

I had the awesome privilege of being the composer for the Parookaville Closing Ceremony Festival yet again this year.

Mainstage Parookaville 2016

Mainstage Parookaville 2016 ©Felix

The festival was insane! Some of the best artists from around the world came to the Parookaville festival and even I would say it was intense.

This year’s artists included:

  • AfroJack
  • Steve Aoki
  • BassJackers
  • BlasterJaxx
  • Danny Avila
  • Deniz Koyu
  • Tiesto

As you can imagine, the pressure was one for me to kill it with my composition. I had too many ideas at first and loads of started projects, but nothing took shape quick enough. but after last year’s success and after a solid weeks constant drafting I knew it would be much easier to go through the motions and I came up with my idea for 2016. Darker, more emotions, more air at the beginning to let the lightshow build itself up to a big finale.

I was asked to focus on the music for the final day of the festival. I wrote the first song in the composition for the closing ceremony, which is named “Dawn of The Day.” I definitely wanted to keep the music somber but exciting, since the festival is such a special event here. The result was one heck of a closing ceremony.

This year’s festival had over 50,000 attendees, which is nearly double that of last year’s 25,000. The place was packed!

When the closing ceremony started, the crowd grew silent. People had their cameras ready to capture the crazy light show that is a part of the festival every year. With cell phones raised into the air the music I composed began to play through the complex sound system. I got goosebumps!

Soon after the music started, lasers started dancing across the audience. The next eight minutes were heart pounding and amazing. If you weren’t there, I feel sorry for you. It was that incredible.

It is one of the best things to see your music come alive as a composer.

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