This year I had the privilege of writing a song for one of the biggest festivals in Germany, the Parookaville 2015 EDM dance music festival. I still can’t believe how awesome this job was, and I’ve never been more proud of any music arrangement I’ve developed.

The Fireworks on day 2 at the Parookaville festival were huge and amazing.
The Fireworks on day 2 at the Parookaville festival were huge and amazing.

I was asked to write the official song for the Parookaville Festival’s closing ceremony by the event’s organizer. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), and began creating a melody that would resonate with the vibe of the festival and flow with the amazing fireworks display they had in store. I was pumped!

I knew I wanted to start out the song with a classical feel to it, simply because it fits best with something as grandiose as fireworks. Since this was an EDM dance music festival, I also knew it had to be upbeat and young. So, I found the perfect singer (Jodie Cooper), sat her down and asked her to sing a few lines over rhythmic violin and cello melodies. I also worked alongside the fireworks organizer and the light design team so I could time the music arrangement perfectly.

It took me about three weeks to create the song. From start to finish, the entire process of creating this song was inspiring and exciting. The result of all this excitement was something out-of-this-world.

As I developed the music arrangement for the song, I travelled from London to Germany, which was an amazing experience in and of itself. I had a chance to travel and enjoy the first edition of this festival all while doing something I love more than anything else I do. It was almost like a holiday!

Love that shot by Felix Hild!  (c)
Love that shot by Felix Hild! (c)

The event itself was HUGE success! They sold out, selling over 25,000 tickets. It was overwhelming to see 25,000 people watching a fireworks display that coordinated with music that I had created.

The EDM dance music festival was a success and so was my journey to making their closing ceremony song. Titled, “Parookaville Is Alive” the song reflected the emotion and excitement of the event. It was an awesome job, in an amazing country, and I had the privilege of being surrounded by truly creative people throughout it all. Awe-inspiring is the only word to describe it.

This year the festival sold out, and next year I hope to be a part of it again and do it up bigger and better than we did this year. I hope that when this time rolls around again next year I have the chance to come up with another incredible piece of music to bring to ‘life’ this festival.

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