Garth Brooks Irish Concerts Sell Out within Two Hours

Garth Brooks confessed “Ireland is his favourite place to sing.” His last performance in the country was in 1997, but it still has a special place in his heart. He is flattered and humbled when told that his Irish concerts have sold out two hours after they were available to the public.

It is my dream to be in his cowboy boots something. I want to know how it feels like to be scared to death by the thought of performing in a sold out concert. I guess I share this dream with other independent musicians across the globe.

Picture Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Music lovers know how to reward good singers and musicians. Take for instance Garth Brooks, who retired during the peak of his career in 2001 to raise his family. Now that his youngest is old enough, he is preparing to please his fans in Ireland and other parts of the world.

Initially there are just two dates for Brooks’ Irish concert tour. The tickets went on sale last January 30. But they sold out right away that organisers have added a third one. All tickets sold out in just two hours. This is why a fourth day is added to his tour. Organisers are still in disbelief how the iconic country singer can sell out three concert days in two hours. Now fans can enjoy the music of Garth Brooks for four consecutive nights at Croke Park.

Sold Out

All his concerts are sold out already!

Because of the high demand, scalpers are already on it. Tickets for Brooks’ concerts are already on sale on eBay. The minimum bids are set at four times the original price. Done Deal has said that it has removed ads for tickets that are priced over their face value.

Brooks was hesitant to add the July 28th concert because it is the 18th birthday of his daughter. He asked her about spending her birthday in Ireland, and she said she is excited to have an Irish party. The father and daughter are still in discussions as to whether she can have a tattoo. Brooks said it will be a treat for his daughter to witness the sweetest people on Earth during her special day.

Brooks’ fan base ranges from those who grew up listening to his songs and their parents who are the original fans. His fans have endured biting winds and rain to line up outside music shops in Ireland for days just to be able to buy tickets. This is the type of fans that can make you return from retirement. The Ireland concerts are not part of his world tour. They are specials before the official launch of his world tour. He said he has his wife’s blessing to tour again. He has yet to announce the schedule of his world tour, which will last for three years.

For his Croke Park concerts, Brooks is busy drawing up the plans for the stage and lighting rig. He wants to come up with a stage that will blow people away. He will also use a new technology for his sound system, which will make everyone in the crowd feel the every beat of his songs.

Fans expect Garth to dish out his greatest hits during his Irish concerts. While the iconic country singer wants to top his previous performances, the dates in Croke Park will still feature the same old Brooks. It is all about the music that fans across the globe have accustomed to loving.

Don’t you wish to have Brooks’ staying power? Even if he stayed out of the limelight, he still manages to gather his fans and make them attend his concerts. I am still a small fry compared to this great guy, but I hope someday I can share achieve what he has achieved. It is not easy to sell out three concert dates of a large venue in just two hours. Only great performers can do it.

I hope someday I can also have sold out concerts and perform before a large crowd. Making good music can help me achieve this dream. I know there are other singers and independent musicians who also want to make it big someday. Maybe we can all be like Garth Brooks.

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