Why there are always just the same Christmas songs on the radio every year?

As year approaching to its end the festive season begins from Christmas to New Year celebration. End of December month bring festivals; bring time for enjoyment and celebrations. This season is at its boom for the radio stations across all the countries. In this particular Christmas season all radio station want to entertain there listeners by putting Christmas songs and carols on air. Whenever you switch on your radio you will hear the Christmas songs on most of the radio stations. There are no rules for the radio stations to play some particular song but then to only traditional songs are usually being played by the radio stations. Songs played during this season on radio stations are normally dominated by standard old Christmas songs. There playlist contain only some famous Christmas carols and some of the most liked Christmas songs. Sometimes the questions arises that why we always listen to same Christmas songs every time? Our playlist should also have new and peppy Christmas songs. Many song artists keep putting out new Christmas music, but making a lasting impression on radio listeners isn’t easy.

Christmas celebration fever starts before many days ahead and in the same way the music artists also start researching on the formation of new Christmas songs with a hope to be a big hit. There should be proper research because listeners will not accept any song easily as they want a song which enhanced their mood of celebration. Music artists have to work with other artists and record labels and they have to put their hundred percent in the formation of good Christmas song to create a big hit. In this way a collaborative process really works great for you and your songs. Artist should start the research process early so that they can figure out a shell of what listener wants to listen.

Some music new comer can perform research and can get feedback from there loyal listeners which will definitely help the new comer to improve its quality. There is no second thought comes in the mind when we think of the old song quality and popularity but everyone wants change whether they realize or not. From the listener’s point of view, if we think there should be some old Christmas songs and some new. Both types of songs should be presented so that your loyal listeners enjoy oldies as well as new Christmas songs.

During festive season as Christmas or New Year, it is the time when new songs should be released because this is the precious time when the person is in holiday mood and has time to listens his favorites. Music is only about happiness, togetherness and sweet memories which make Christmas and New Year special. People want to hear the famous Christmas songs with some new melodies. Artists should also understand that they have to work very hard to create Christmas songs which should be a great hit and accepted by public. In New Year or in Christmas, public enjoy listening to music of any type; therefore the artist should release its new songs only when they confident that the music will be liked by public.

If we think whether we should go for new songs if old are doing well? Then we can easily give answer to the question, because we know that presenting new is always necessary for anything, not only musical field but in other fields also. Especially if we see Christmas music then there are hundreds of channels that will showcase their music but how you can be differentiated, will be your radio station playlist. Well, it is always important to keep new material adding to the old one so that it does not become obsolete. It is very important to increase songs in your library as to become different from other radio station in Christmas, otherwise things will become fusty. We should never think of playing some limited songs again and again. So we can say that if you have something in your mind for this Christmas then you should definitely go to familiar that song with the listener. It’s very important to be confident about your formation and always think positive while releasing your project in Christmas. Once your song is appreciated by the listener then this is sure that you will hear it again and again on Christmas. This will be the great gift for you given by you only.

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