#SGNFMP The music business social networking event :)

Last month I was travelling down to London hoping to find a few new music contacts on a networking event hosted by myeventbucket.com so called #SGNFMP.
I actually don’t even know for what the letters “SGNFMP” stand for :) but I will soon find out :).

So I got the flight tickets, got in touch with a friend in London to have a place to stay, everything was sorted but I nearly forgot to get good business cards printed. I had to come up with a brilliant idea to stand out of the crowd a bit more, so it was a bit of a headache for a few nights I have to admit, but the end result makes me kind of proud :).

business cards - Jeremy Greysmark 2014

Jeremy Greysmark – business cards (final result 2014)

So what can I say about this event after half a month is over? :)
I enjoyed myself, I got to know a lot of new people which are all pretty much based in London and could potentially help me with my next ideas. The fact that everything was based down in London gives me just another reason to move down south one day when I will be able to quit my job and afford the cost of living in central London. I have collected and archived a ton of business cards which will probably help me to find people for future projects of all kinds. Unfortunately some of the collected business cards did not contain enough contact information to actually contact the person, they only had a domain printed on them. This could become a little problematic in case you want to contact the person for real projects, and the only contact information which has been provided is a domain with no further links to a real Facebook profile or something similar. In order to get further details I will probably try to use our all time favourite Google and hope for the best if the contact is worth it.

Tony Michaelides

Tony Michaelides

One of the main guests that night was Tony Michaelides. Listening to Tony was definitely one of the most interesting and motivating experiences of that night. He has got a pretty impressive portfolio and can certainly fill whole nights with interesting and in depth music industry stories. Tony has teamed up with a lot of well known music labels such as BMG, Island Records, Factory Records and Island Records. He is definitely well respected within the industry and a “go to” person for a lot of music promotion related advise. Today he is living in Florida and left the UK, according to himself the reason why he moved to the US is simply because of the weather, this is what I got told by himself at least :).

So here is the list of people I met at the event, show some support, have a look at their pages and leave a few comments on their blogs/pages and profiles.


So last but not least: Thank you George for all your efforts to organise this event! It takes a lot of energy, risk and courage to plan and actually successfully get these kind of events going. I tried it myself in the past and failed right at the beginning at finding the right venue and the right contacts :)… So don’t stop doing it, and I am sure the others agree as well :).

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